Red Knots & Semipalmated Sandpipers

Teshekpuk Lake-E. Dease Inlet

Country: USA

Region: Alaska,

Site: Teshekpuk Lake-E. Dease Inlet

Species/Sub-species: SESA

Total biogeographic population: 2,260,000

Count Method: Total estimate

Count: 149,8891,2,3

% biogeographic pop. at site: 6.63

Season (primarily): Summer

Site description: Existing knowledge about the site was gathered through shorebird research.

Known threats: Climate change is a threat in terms of severe weather causing habitat shifting and alteration.

Sources: 1 2 Brown, S., J. Bart, R. Lanctot, J. A. Johnson, S. Kendall, D. Payer, and J. Johnson. 2007. Shorebird abundance and distribution on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Condor 109: 1‒14. 3Mizrahi, D.S. and M. Gutowski 2013. Conservation plan for the Semipalmated Sandpiper (Calidris pusilla). Unpublished draft.