Red Knots & Semipalmated Sandpipers

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge 

Country: USA

Region: Massachusetts,

Nearest city/town: Chatham

Site: Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge 

Species/Sub-species: REKN-rufa

Total biogeographic population: 42,000

Count Method: Maximum day count

Count: 3,0001,2

% biogeographic pop. at site: 7.14

Season (primarily): Fall

Site recognition: WHSRN IBA

Site recognition (other): National Wildlife Refuge, National Wilderness Habitat

Site description: Monomoy was formed through deposition of the eroding glacial deposits of Outer Cape Cod and is continually reshaped by winds and waves and shifting sands. The lands are in constant motion with ever changing island and mudflat configurations, with narrow beaches, dunes, estuarine marsh, freshwater marsh, and a wide intertidal sand and mud flats. The land is federally owned.

Known threats: The threat of extraction of nonrenewable resources in the form of energy production and mining (windfarms) is low. In terms of pollution, the threat of siltation is moderate. The site is also threatened by damaging recreational use. The threat of invasive and other problematic species, and in particular domestic animals (pets) is moderate. The threat of human intrusions and disturbance due to recreational activities, and work and other activities, is also moderate. Lastly, physical alteration of the site from climate change-related threats such as severe weather (storms and floods) is moderate.3

Sources: 1WHSRN species conservation plan 2eBird (Blair Nikula August 5, 1978) 3Site Assesment Tool analysis 2006