Red Knots & Semipalmated Sandpipers

Lower Tampa Bay

Country: USA

Region: Florida,

Site: Lower Tampa Bay

Species/Sub-species: REKN-rufa

Total biogeographic population: 42,000

Count Method: Maximum day count

Count: 5,0001

% biogeographic pop. at site: 11.90

Season (primarily): Winter

Site recognition: IBA

Site recognition (other): Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge

Site description: Site habitat characteristics for this site are detailed in the following section. Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge: tropical hammock, coastal strand, fields and artificial. Fort De Soto County Park: temperate hammock, fields, mangrove forest, tidal marsh, estuarine, coastal strand, slash pine flatwoods, tropical hammock and artificial. Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge: coastal strand. Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge: mangrove forest, estuarine. Shell Key Refuge: mangrove forest, coastal strand, seagrass beds, tidal marsh. Land ownership is split between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge, Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge, and Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge), U.S. Coast Guard (Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge), and Pinellas County (Fort De Soto County Park and Shell Key Preserve).

Notes: The site boundaries follow the IBA boundaries. However Duck Ponds & Tierra Verde have an eBird (Eric Plage January 8, 2015) record of 440 Red Knots and the site should be taken into consideration when delimiting the area.

Sources: 1eBird (R. Smith September 17, 1993)