Red Knots & Semipalmated Sandpipers

Ensenada Pabellones

Country: Mexico

Region: Sinaloa,

Nearest city/town: Ensenada

Site: Ensenada Pabellones

Species/Sub-species: REKN-roselaari

Total biogeographic population: 21,770

Count Method: Maximum day count

Count: 1,0001

% biogeographic pop. at site: 4.59

Season (primarily): Winter

Site recognition: WHSRN

Known threats: In terms of exploitation of renewable resources, there is a threat from the indiscriminate use of resources, by poaching as well as the use of prohibited fishing methods. Site land use change is also a threat as the opening of fields for agriculture has altered the native ecosystems of the zone and aquaculture farms affect the natural ebb and flow of the tides. Lastly, the site is threatened by pollution in the form of sewage with agrochemicals.2

Notes: The Red Knots are presumed roselaari but not confirmed. Site boundaries follow WHSRN boundaries.

Sources: 1Engilis, A. JR., L.W. Oring, E. Carrera, J.W. Nelson, and A. Martinez Lopez. 1998. Shorebird survey in Ensenada Pabellones and Bahia Santa Maria, Sinaloa, Mexico: Critical winter habitats for Pacific flyway shorebirds. Wilson Bulletin 110 (3): 332‒341. 2Ramsar fact sheet: