Red Knots & Semipalmated Sandpipers

Complejo San Ignacio

Country: Mexico

Region: Baja California Sur,

Nearest city/town: Mulegé

Site: Complejo San Ignacio

Species/Sub-species: REKN-roselaari

Total biogeographic population: 21,770

Count Method: Maximum day count

Count: 9491,2

% biogeographic pop. at site: 4.36

Season (primarily): Winter

Site recognition: WHSRN

Site recognition (other): Biosphere Reserve

Site description: This site is federally-owned (National Commission of Protected Natural Areas—CONANP) and located within the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve.

Known threats: Exploitation of renewable resources is a threat to the site, specifically overexploitation of fish species by activities such as poaching. Pollution is also a threat, in terms of accumulation of solid wastes and organic matter stemming from fishing activities. Lastly, damaging recreational use is a threat due to irregular human settlements in the fishing camps surrounding the lagoon.3

Notes: The site boundary follows the WHSRN boundaries however it is recommend to expand the boundaries to include the intertidal flats to the south.

Sources: 1Mendoza, L.F. y R. Carmona. 2013. Distribución espacial y temporal de aves playeras (Orden: Charadriiformes) en Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, México. Rev. Biol. Trop. 61(1): 229-241. 2WHSRN site nomination form 3Ramsar fact sheet: