Red Knots & Semipalmated Sandpipers

Chaplin Lake- Old Wives-Reed Lakes

Country: Canada

Region: Saskatchewan,

Nearest city/town: Regina

Site: Chaplin Lake- Old Wives-Reed Lakes

Species/Sub-species: REKN-rufa, SESA

Total biogeographic population: 42,000 (rufa), 2,260,000 (SESA)

Count Method: Maximum day count (rufa), Total estimate (SESA)

Count: 1,122 (rufa)1, 30,404 (SESA)2,1

% biogeographic pop. at site: 2.67 (rufa), 1.35 (SESA)

Season (primarily): Spring

Site recognition: WHSRN IBA

Site description: Using the Ramsar Classification System for Wetland Type, the site's habitat characteristics are inland wetlands (seasonal/intermittent saline/brackish/alkaline lakes and flats). The land belongs to the Government of Saskatchewan, and site partners include the Canadian Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. Existing knowledge about the site was gathered through shorebird monitoring3.

Known threats: Three main threats are high for this site. 1) In terms of site land use change, the threat of natural systems modification through other ecosystem modifications (flooding impediment; blocking natural water flows), 2) the threat of pollution through domestic and urban waste water (sewage), and 3) the threat of physical alteration of the site due to climate change in the form of severe weather, resulting in habitat shifting and alteration.4

Notes: The boundary for this site follows the WHSRN boundaries.

Sources: 1Beyersbergen, G. W. and D. C. Duncan. 2007. Shorebird Abundance and Migration Chronology at Chaplin Lake, Old Wives Lake and Reed Lake, Saskatchewan: 1993 and 1994. Canadian Wildlife Service Technical Report Series No. 484. Prairie and Northern Region. Edmonton, Alberta. 2Morrison, R.I.G., R.W. Butler, , G.W. Beyersbergen, H.L. Dickson, A. Bourget, P.W. Hicklin, J.P. Goossen, R.K. Ross, and C.L. Gratto-Trevor. 1995. Potential Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network Sites for Shorebirds in Canada. Second Edition. Canadian Wildlife Service Technical Report Series No. 227. Canadian Wildlife Service, Ottawa. 3WHSRN Site Description 4WHSRN Site Assessment Tool (SAT) 2009