Red Knots & Semipalmated Sandpipers

Georgia Barrier Coast

Georgia, USA

A series of islands along Georgia’s 160-km (100-mile) coast provides critical foraging, resting and wintering habitat for over 20 species of shorebirds.

While a smaller portion of the coast, the Altamaha River Delta, is already designated as a Site of Regional Importance under the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN), the goal of the CEC project was to support designation of the entire 160-km stretch of barrier islands as a Landscape of Hemispheric Importance.

Shorebird population

Shorebird population data from multiple sources were collected, collated and analyzed, to support the WHSRN nomination with up-to-date information on nesting, staging, and wintering shorebirds. Stakeholder meetings were also held to build the required support for the nomination. They included state, federal and private land owners and managers from most, but not all, of the barrier islands, as well as representatives from NGOs and academic institutions. In May 2017, the nomination package was submitted for consideration by the WHSRN Hemispheric Council.

Additional efforts

Additional efforts to reach out to local community members included presentations at special events; digital media articles and social media posts, and the distribution of printed posters outlining simple steps beach-goers can take to help protect shorebirds and sea turtles across the coast.